About Chris

Chris has competed through the Advanced and CCI** level (current CCI*** level) of Eventing and achieved success on multiple horses all the way up.  He developed his business, Double Diamond Training, into one of the top operations in the highly competitive Area 2 while based in North Carolina and Virginia.  Chris has worked significantly with Phillip Dutton, Leslie Law, Michael Godfrey, Peter Gray, and Robert Costello, all top-level international competitors and trainers. While comfortable and skilled with a wide variety of horses, Chris has a soft spot for thoroughbreds and ones with a little extra spark or quirkiness.

Chris obtained his USEA ICP Level 2 instructor certification; and his students achieved success up through the Intermediate levels, regularly taking home top placings. Although he is skilled in all three phases, Chris excels at teaching horses and riders how to confidently handle the demands of cross country and jumping. Students ranged from timid beginners to pony clubbers and adult amateurs to current and aspiring professionals. While Chris regularly worked with all types of students, he tends to mesh best with more serious-minded students. He is also an experienced clinician, having taught multiple clinics with Eno Valley and Deep Run Pony Clubs in addition to numerous camps and special events. Chris was voted 2010 Central Virginia CTA Coach of the Year in recognition of his students’ accomplishments.

In 2012, Chris closed his full-time training operation in Virginia and relocated to Colorado.  After several years of minimal involvement in the horse world Chris is again offering lessons and training on a limited basis.  Lessons and training rides can be arranged at your facility or one open to outside instructors. Private and small group lessons (2-3 riders) can be scheduled in dressage, cross country and show jumping with students from intro to Preliminary. If you are interested in finding out more, please use the contact form on this site.

Horse Highlights

Buck Naked II (Buck) was the first horse Chris owned and together they made the journey from ex-racehorse to Advanced level competition in just 4 years.  Along the way they scored wins and top places highlighted by a 2nd place at just their 2nd Advanced competition. 

Paladin (Smoke) was given to Chris as a project by Denny Emerson. Smoke was notorious for giving his riders a difficult time and Chris was frequently approached at competitions by riders who had known Smoke as a very challenging and quirky horse.  Within months of being in Chris’ care and training, Smoke had turned into a sweetheart who would pack Chris’ young students over some of the largest jumps they had ever seen.  Smoke competed through Intermediate with wins and placings at multiple levels.

Airborne Express (Simon) was very aptly named due to his habit of putting plenty of air between himself and every jump, occasionally jumping his rider out of the tack.  Chris helped Simon relax over fences and on the flat while moving up to, competing and placing at multiple preliminary events.

Bucky was an extremely talented jumper bred by his owner for foxhunting who needed a little polish and help with settling into the showring. Chris had the opportunity to give Bucky some miles at Training and Preliminary, scoring wins and placings as well as having a great time along the way.